Media Release: Company director springs into action as she makes her way down Commonwealth memory lane

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THE 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games has officially come to an end after a heated two weeks of competitive spirit, inside and outside of the arena.

As the games closing ceremony took place last night, it is hard to imagine what the exhilarating experience of representing your country in the games would have felt like.

However, for Claremont Office Interiors director, Laura Jevons, this proud moment in her life is a memory that she will never forget.

Laura, originally from Edinburgh, holds a fascinating sporting story as the ex-gymnast, along with her Scotland teammates, got the chance to travel and compete in the 14th Commonwealth Games in Auckland, in 1990. 

Laura said: “To this day I still get goose bumps thinking about the opening ceremony.

“I still remember the noise that hit me as I took my first step into the stadium, the amount of time and effort that goes into preparing this sort of event is extremely impressive, everything works like clockwork.” 

With 55 teams representing countries from all over the world, it was a new record with 2,826 athletes and officials in attendance.

Scotland managed to win 22 medals in the games and Laura had the experience of a lifetime within the rhythmic gymnastics team – and learned valuable lessons for business. 

She explained: “People might not think that gymnastics and running a business have a connection, but I have found the core skills I used during my time as a gymnast are valuable in my work life.

“Attention to detail was highly important during competitions, and is an invaluable attribute that every member of staff at Claremont must have.

“We all strive to offer clients the best service possible, and ensure that every detail, no matter how small, is perfect, to ensure our work is top class at all times.” 

Laura had a keen interest in athletic sports, dancing and gymnastics from a young age, and when she was ten-years-old, the British gymnastics team coach visited Edinburgh and her career began.

She said: “I was told by a coach that I had the body for the sport, even though I wasn’t tall enough, or near flexible enough to be a gymnast.

“I was asked to trial for the British intermediate team, and to my surprise, I ended up pursuing the sport.” 

At the age of 18, Laura made the move to Newcastle to study sports science at university.

After almost completely giving up on her gymnastics, an unexpected opportunity came up to trial for the Scotland team, in preparation for the Auckland games. 

“It took me nine months to get my body back in shape and ready for the games and I took part in lots of pre-competitions, practicing a lot to ensure I was fully prepared for Auckland.”

Laura worked tirelessly to perfect different routines and sent regular progress videos to her coach, who would analyse her performances.

Laura continued: “The attention to detail in the sport is very important, every movement you made, everything from pointing your toes to your posture. You were penalised in competitions if moves weren’t carried out correctly.

“As a performer you had to think about the smallest of factors, even things like the music and dress contributed to your overall performance.” 

Showing quick and keen precision, Laura utilises her already learned skills and experiences from the arena floor to effectively lead the team at Claremont Office Interiors, sharing her positive insight and good judgement in the work place.

Laura’s ability to commit and apply herself to the sport displays her hardworking, proactive attitude to her work, which is displayed in her management style at Claremont.

Space was a huge issue for the gymnasts during training for the games, and Laura has learned by applying her sporting knowledge into her day-to-day work life, how a relaxed, comfortable surrounding can benefit performance levels.

“It was impossible to find space big enough to practice in properly and we had to make do with what space we could find.

“I’ve practiced on tennis courts, football pitches and aircraft hangars – anywhere that there was a reasonable amount of space for me to swing my hoop around and throw it up in the air.

“It is important to have the correct working space for employees. I’ve learned that in order to perform to the highest level individuals have to be comfortable to be able to work effectively.

“At Claremont, we pride ourselves in ensuring our clients receive the best service and make sure that the furnishings reflects the busy, yet comfortable atmosphere an active office should have.”

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