Media Release: North-east brewery launches new beer with a German twist

Lewis Shand- Brewmeister

AN award-winning Scottish brewery has unveiled a new lager, which celebrates the best of Scottish and German beer making.

Keith-based brewery, Brewmeister, which was launched in 2012, is getting set to launch its own, and first ever lager, adding to its specialist range of craft beers.

The brewery, located at the Isla Bank Mills, gave visitors at the recent Keith show the first chance to try the new brew, which is made up of four natural ingredients, including Scottish spring water collected on-site, grains, Bavarian hops and a yeast strain from Cologne.

Says a spokesperson: “The launch comes after a recent study by the Stockholm school of economics revealed the majority of drinkers could not tell the difference between a group of big-name European lagers following blind taste testing.

“The researchers gave samples of three lagers to 138 volunteers aged between 21 and 70.

“During the experiment, each volunteer was asked to sip three samples of beer, two of which were identical, and were then asked to identify the drink which was different – none of the group were able to tell the difference.”

Sales and marketing director at Brewmeister, Lewis Shand, said: “There has been an amazing response to our new lager so far.

“Pre-sales are going extremely well and the crowds at Keith Show gave it a resounding thumbs-up, with many opting to bypass the beer tent for our stand.

“The recent research also highlights the issues with many lagers on the market just now so we are confident that everyone from, diehard craft beer fans to those looking for a refreshing pint will love Brewmesiter Lager.

“While many of the big name lagers can contain as many as 20 ingredients – including some rather unsavoury ones – ours has just four; water, grains, hops and yeast.”

Ahead of the lager’s official launch on September 18, Brewmeister is offering free tap installations to bars that agree to stock the company’s beers.

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