Media Release: Tiers are not enough, as employees reject job titles

Gavin Mochan Head of Sales s1jobs

YOUNG Scots jobseekers are increasingly looking to reject attractive job titles in favour of choosing the ‘right company’ to work for when making their career choice, according to Scotland’s leading recruitment platform.

Gavin Mochan, head of sales with s1jobs, said he believes a trend has emerged whereby the Generation Y – people in their 20s and 30s – prefer the attractions of the company offering a position, rather than the actual job.

Gavin explained this new movement has also lead to director level individuals applying for positions in middle management because of the appeal of a particular company’s culture.

He said: “The Generation Y employee is becoming increasingly company-led rather than job- led.

“That means that a great position is not enough to entice the best candidate, they want to pick the best company first.

“Individuals are even stepping down the career ladder should a company stand out to the applicant offering a better work-life balance and culture.

“It means big powerful organisations are very attractive to candidates. For example, if one search engine organisation is looking for suitable candidates, then a bigger organisation like Google advertise for the same role the next day, Generation Y candidates are more likely to go for the Google position because of their culture and added incentives.”

Companies are also increasingly reacting the trend and using innovative methods to find the best people – videos are one tool being used to show the environment of the work place, helping to identify if the candidate is the best cultural fit.

Gavin added: “With the job market showing signs of reverting back to being candidate-driven, companies have to work harder to find those limited quality applicants.

“Companies are slowly starting to realise how important the culture of a work place is to candidates and should be investing in their employer brand and candidate attraction strategies.

“Using tools such as video allows candidates to feel the culture of a company quicker and help weed out any individuals who simply would not fit into that particular environment.

“Going forward, it seems clear the dominant focus in terms of recruitment must be on employer brand. Companies are often quite bad at communicating what their culture actually is, so seeing more video being used is a fantastic medium to help candidates get a feel of the job much quicker.

“If employers put more emphasis on this in the future, it will help everyone save time allowing candidates to make a more informed decision even before the interview process begins.”

s1jobs is Scotland’s No 1 recruitment platform, attracting more than 600,000 users every month and is used by more than 2,000 companies, including Scotland’s top five Plcs.

s1 also operates websites in the property (s1homes), entertainment listings (s1play) and automotive (s1cars) markets.

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