Media Release: Invite to media newsdesks to receive story alerts


NEWSDESKS throughout Scotland – including those at local newspapers and national radio stations – are being invited to receive story idea alerts, in the shape of media releases posted on

Various types of organisations – among them charities, PR agencies and educational institutions – post their media releases on, for several reasons…

* Firstly, to make their releases fully visible on at least one media platform;

* Second, to reach out to readers of, especially the site’s journalist readers; and

* Third, to be found easily by online search engines;

* Fourth, to be found via any one of several dedicated twitter feeds; and

* Fifth, to forward their release on to any number of different media newsdesks, both national and local.

If you are a newsdesk, all you need to do – to be on the receiving end of such alerts – is provide the following information:

* Your editorial email address, ideally in the form, news@ or editorial@;

* A very brief description of who you are; for example, Free weekly newspaper, publ Friday;

* The first two letters of your postcode, eg KY, as in Fife postcodes;

* Very brief guidance on any editorial deadline; for example, ‘constant’ or Monday 1700; and

* Details of any specialist editorial interests; for example, sport or food.

… and send the information to here.

MEDIA RELEASE issued by You too can post your story ideas for journalists (aka Press or media releases), on Email for more information.

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Contact: Mike Wilson