Media Release: Creative Scotland regular funding decisions 2015-18 (Argyll & Bute, East Dunbartonshire, Glasgow City, Inverclyde, North Lanarkshire and South Ayrshire)


Regular Funding Decisions 2015-18

Argyll & Bute, East Dunbartonshire, Glasgow City, Inverclyde, North Lanarkshire and South Ayrshire:

47 organisations to benefit from three-year funding

Ten of these organisations are new to three-year funding

Inverclyde and South Ayrshire are receiving regular funding for the first time

FOLLOWING an open application process, Creative Scotland is pleased to announce that 47 arts organisations across Glasgow will benefit from three-year funding from 2015-18.

Regular Funding supports a range and breadth of creative organisations making a vital contribution to the current health and future development of the arts, screen and creative industries in Scotland. For the full portfolio visit:

Of the 47 organisations based across Argyll & Bute, East Dunbartonshire, Glasgow City, Inverclyde, North Lanarkshire and South Ayrshire, ten are entirely new to long-term funding, 22 are moving from shorter-term funding arrangements, and 15 are already in receipt of three-year funding.

This portfolio enables more organisations in this area – an increase from 37 to 47 – to benefit from stable, three-year funding, reflecting both sector feedback and commitments made by the Creative Scotland Board.

Argyll & Bute:

• Comar
• Cove Park

East Dunbartonshire:

• Hands Up for Trad


Glasgow City:

• Barrowland Ballet *
• Birds of Paradise Theatre Company
• Celtic Connections
• Centre for Contemporary Arts
• Citizens Theatre
• Conflux Scotland *
• Cryptic
• Dance House
• Fire Exit
• Glasgow East Arts Company Limited
• Glasgow Film Theatre
• Glasgow International
• Glasgow Lunchtime Theatres *
• Glasgow Print Studios
• Glasgow Sculpture Studios
• Glasgow Women’s Library *
• Indepen-dance
• Janice Parker Projects *
• Mischief La-Bas
• National Youth Choir of Scotland
• National Youth Orchestras of Scotland
• Paragon Ensemble *
• Playwrights’ Studio Scotland
• Project Ability
• Rapture Theatre *
• Scottish Ensemble
• Scottish Music Centre
• Solar Bear
• Street Level
• The Arches
• The Common Guild
• The Gaelic Books Council
• The National Piping Centre
• The Work Room *
• Tramway
• Transmission Gallery
• Tron Theatre
• Vanishing Point
• Visible Fictions
• YDance (Scottish Youth Dance)


• The Beacon (Greenock Arts Guild) *

North Lanarkshire:

• Cumbernauld Theatre

South Ayrshire:

• Ayr Gaiety Partnership *

* Organisations new to three-year funding

For a full breakdown of the Regular Funding portfolio 2015-18, please visit:

Janet Archer, chief executive, Creative Scotland, said: “I am delighted to announce such a creatively rich and diverse portfolio of regularly funded organisations across Argyll & Bute, East Dunbartonshire, Glasgow City, Inverclyde, North Lanarkshire and South Ayrshire. It represents some of Scotland’s most important, innovative and exciting cultural organisations, producing and presenting great work across dance, film, literature, multi artform, music, theatre and visual arts.

“Importantly, these organisations will also provide significant support for individual artists and the broader workforce across the area’s creative sector.

“Following a clear and robust decision making process, the portfolio of Regularly Funded organisations across Argyll & Bute, East Dunbartonshire, Glasgow City, Inverclyde, North Lanarkshire and South Ayrshire includes a mix of organisational scale, and I’m delighted that 10 of these organisations are entirely new to three-year regular funding, alongside more established organisations that continue to be critical to cultural provision.

“I’m particularly pleased that the portfolio as a whole has a greater geographical spread than in previous years, with organisations based in 21 local authority areas and more than three quarters of them operating beyond their base location, reaching audiences across the country.

“In direct response to the high number of fundable applications that we received, and by re-profiling our budgets over the next three years, we have been able to increase the overall budget for this round of regular funding from £90m to £100m. This enables us to provide better levels of support for more organisations in the portfolio.

“We received 264 applications for Regular Funding of which a significant number could have been supported through this funding route if more resources were available.

“I’d like to personally thank all the organisations that applied for the hard work that went into their submissions.

“While this is a clear illustration of the scale of creative potential and ambition that exists across Scotland, it also means that many of these organisations will be disappointed by the outcome this time round.

“While we will be able to fund some organisations through Open Project and Targeted Funding, this underlines the importance of Creative Scotland’s role in making the case for culture at every given opportunity in order to increase levels of support available in the future.

“Arts and creativity can create a sense of wellbeing and transform the quality of life for everyone. Evidence shows they can play an important part in all of our lives offering meaning and connection in a wealth of different ways. The organisations in this portfolio will make a significant contribution to this in Scotland.”

Some key facts about the full portfolio:

• Overall budget of £100m
• 119 organisations:
o 20 are organisations new to long-term funding
o 31 organisations move from annual funding to three-year regular funding
o 26 organisations move from two year programme funding to three-year regular funding
o 42 organisations remain in the three-year funding portfolio

• An increase in geographical spread, from 17 to 21 local authority areas with more than 80 per cent operating beyond their base location
• A number of organisations will produce work which will have an impact across Scotland, as well as within their local area
• Representation across craft, dance, film, literature, music, theatre and visual art
• A mix of organisational scale (from organisations receiving £150,000 to £7m over three years)
• Strong representation for youth arts and Gaelic language

Regular Funding is one of three routes to funding through Creative Scotland, alongside Open Project Funding for individuals and organisations, which opens for applications on 31 October, and Targeted Funding.


Notes to Editors:
Creative Scotland Funding

Creative Scotland distributes funding from two main sources, the Scottish Government and the National Lottery. We do this through three funding routes:

• Regular Funding seeks to ensure Scotland has a breadth and range of arts and creative organisations and sustainable environments through which artists and creative people can deepen and deliver their work, their engagement with the public, and their professional networks. Regular Funding is one of the key means by which the ambitions, priorities and connecting themes highlighted in the Creative Scotland Ten-Year Plan will be addressed. It provides stable support for a range of organisations/consortia across Scotland who make an important contribution to the development of the arts, screen and creative industries, enabling them to plan and deliver activities over a three-year period.
o Guidelines published: 9 April 2014
o Applications accepted from: 9 May 2014
o Deadline for applications: 7 July 2014
o Decisions reached: 30 Oct 2014
o Funding awarded: For period April 2015 – March 2018

• Open Project Funding will be available to a wide range of organisations and individuals working across Scotland in the arts, screen and creative industries. Open Project Funding replaces most of the project based funding programmes previously operated by Creative Scotland. Open Project Funding will support a broad spectrum of activity including: creative and professional development; research and development; production; small capital requirements; touring and collaborations; festivals; arts programming; audience development, etc. A full list of activities to be supported through this route are set out in the Open Project Funding application guidance, which we are publishing today. Support will be available for projects of different scale and duration with the maximum period of award being set at two years. Awards will be in the range £1,000 to £100,000 (or up to £150,000 by exception).
o Guidelines published: 1 October 2014
o Open for applications: 31 October 2014
o Funding awarded: From December 2014 (for a period up to two years)

• Targeted Funding addresses specific activities and development needs in a sector, specialism, and/or geographic area, and is shaped in response to sectoral reviews, strategic planning and consultation with external partners. Funds allocated by the Scottish Government for specific purposes (such as the Youth Music Initiative, and Cashback for Creativity) and lottery funds for Film and Television development also sit within Targeted Funding. These funds are open to application. A small number of targeted programmes will focus on delivering shared strategic goals with partners.

• This new funding approach was announced on 9 April 2014 ( and reflects Creative Scotland’s commitment to introduce a clear and simple funding approach that provides access to both long-term and project funding for individuals and organisations, as set out in our Action Plan for Change, published in March 2013 (

1 Funding agreements will be subject to amendment should overall grant in aid budgets decrease during this three-year period.

The decision making process

• The Regular Funding programme opened on 9 April 2014, with a deadline for applications of 7 July.
• Guidance on Regular Funding can be found here:
• The portfolio of Regularly Funded Organisations (RFOs) is announced on 30 October.
• This follows a two stage decision making process:

o Stage 1: all applications were assessed individually against published criteria by staff with the appropriate art form knowledge and discussed in detail by art form teams.
o Stage 2: those applications recommended for consideration were then discussed in detail by the senior team at Creative Scotland, including art form leads, with the aim of building as balanced a portfolio as possible of regularly funded organisations across the arts, screen and creative industries, geography, scale and diversity.

• The recommended portfolio was then presented to the Board for final approval on 16 October.
• Creative Scotland also undertook an Equality Impact Assessment of the Regular Funding application process and the final recommended portfolio to ensure inclusivity and accessibility (LINK).
• All organisations not included in the Regular Funding portfolio but who are currently receiving funding as a ‘Programme’ organisation have had their funding confirmed until at least 31 March 2015.
• All organisations that are not part of the final portfolio of Regularly Funded Organisations are able to apply for support through the Open Project Fund, which opens for applications 31 October (

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