Media Release: Scotland’s education leaders of the future receive Standard for Headship and SCEL Fellowship award


A JOINT ceremony hosted by the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS) and the Scottish College for Educational Leadership (SCEL) will today celebrate Scotland’s newest cohort of education leaders.

The annual event, held to celebrate teachers who have achieved the Standard for Headship, is for the first time being held jointly to recognisethe first cohort of experienced school leaders who have successfully completed the SCEL Fellowship Programme.

Says a spokesperson: “Established in 2014 to support leadership development for education practitioners, SCEL is now tasked with developing the new masters qualification for headteachers, recently announced by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. The Into Headship part of this qualification will become available from August this year and will become mandatory for all new headteachers from 2018/19.”

This year’s Conference and Awards Ceremony is being held at the Stirling Court Hotel in Stirling with 82 teachers being awarded the Standard for Headship and eight teachers awarded SCEL Fellowship.

The day will feature a keynote address from Professor Jacky Lumby, University of Southampton, on the subject of attainment and bridging the equity gap. The conference will also feature a panel discussion and workshops before attendees are awarded their certificates.

Invited participants awarded the Standard for Headship have either completed the Scottish Qualification for Headship working with a Scottish University or the flexible route to Headship delivered by Education Scotland. Those attendees awarded SCEL Fellowship are senior level school leaders who have successfully completed an 11-month professional learning programme with a focus on system leadership.

SCEL chief executive, Gillian Hamilton, will present the certificates to candidates alongside GTCS chief executive, Kenneth Muir.

Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning, Angela Constance, said:

“Improving attainment and achievement for children and young people is a key priority for this Government and strong leadership in the teaching profession has a fundamental role to play. All the graduates today both from national headship programmes and the SCEL Fellowship Programme are a great example of the work happening to develop leadership in our schools. I am delighted to see so many teachers from across Scotland complete these programme.

“This event also provides a welcome opportunity to explore key issues around effective educational leadership, including issues facing teachers taking on their first headteacher role. I wish all of them well and know they will be effectively supported by the GTCS, SCEL and of course their local authority employers.”

Kenneth Muir, GTCS chief executive, said:

“GTCS and SCEL already workclosely together and today, for thefirst time, we have come together to jointly host this prestigiousevent and it is right that we do so. Improving leadership capacity at all levels in Scottish education is a key function of SCEL and that aimarticulates closely with the professional values and personal commitments that underpin the revised GTCS Standards.”

“At today’s event, we rightly recognise and celebrate thesuccess of individuals receiving their Standard for Headship award. Let us also remember to celebrate the strong partnership working in the Scottish education system that has helped toproduce that success, and which many observers see as being thekey to the future success of Scottish education.”

Gillian Hamilton, SCEL chief executive, said:

“Our ambition and vision for the Fellows of SCEL is clear. The award of Fellowship will serve as a form of recognition at the highest level for educational leaders whose status and expertise is recognised within and beyond the teaching profession.”

“The Fellows will bechampions for leadership and theteaching profession and share theirexpertise in various ways. They will play a key role in the developmentand evolution of SCEL and through the recruitment of yearly cohorts, a rich pool of expertise will becomeavailable and accessible.”

A list of participants awarded certificates is provided below.


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List of participants

Sally Barker SfH
Audrey  Brotherston SfH
William Brotherston SfH
Lindsay Brown  SfH
Angela Brownlie  SfH
Lauren Budd SfH
Linda Cairns SfH
Ruthanna Chalmers SfH
Robin Chapman SfH
Anne Collins SfH
Allison Conner SfH
Marjorie Cotter SfH
Grant Crawford SfH
Michael Downie  SfH
Andrea Drummond SfH
Steven Eagleson SfH
Debbie Ewen SfH
Paul Fleming SfH
Lynne Fulton  SfH
Neil Govan SfH
Andy Gray SfH
Elaine Gray SfH
Laura Gulloch SfH
Gerry  Hamill SfH
Scott Haxton SfH
Katy Hegarty  SfH
Tracey Henderson SfH
Lynsey Hogg SfH
David Alexander Ironside SfH
Lorna James SfH
Calum  Johnston  SfH
Mark Jones SfH
Anthony Jordan SfH
Susan Josey SfH
Kerrie Laird SfH
Anne Leary SfH
Kerry Anne Lewis SfH
Sharon Liang SfH
Sinead Lindsay SfH
Jill Lothian SfH
Avril MacLean SfH
Gail McKennan MacLean SfH
Jacqueline MacPhail SfH
Carol McAninch SfH
David McArthur  SfH
Gemma McBride SfH
Laura McCormick SfH
Dugal McCrow SfH
Janine McCullough SfH
Graham McGinn SfH
Martha McGuigan SfH
Kelly McIntosh SfH
Patricia McKay SfH
Stewart McLauchlan SfH
Catherine McNay  SfH
Kathleen Merrick SfH
Jamie Milligan  SfH
Lisa Moore SfH
Fiona Mullen SfH
Fiona Murphy SfH
James Murphy SfH
Kirsty O’Connor SfH
Susan Oliver SfH
Lizbeth Paul SfH
Gavin Pitt  SfH
Juliet Presly SfH
Stephen Quinn SfH
Jackie Reid SfH
Fiona Robertson SfH
Wendy Scollay SfH
Lorraine Scott SfH
Jenny Smith SfH
Felicity Stephen SfH
Mhairi Stratton SfH
Sara Tinnion-Morgan  SfH
Eddie Valentine SfH
Leona  Wallace  SfH
Clare Whiteford SfH
Darryl Wilson SfH
Kevin Wilson SfH
Mark Wilson SfH
Stacey  Wilson SfH
Annette Beaton SCEL Fellow
George Gilchrist SCEL Fellow
Sharon Hayward SCEL Fellow
James Helbert SCEL Fellow
Gillian Knox SCEL Fellow
Gerry Lyons SCEL Fellow
Jacqueline Purdie SCEL Fellow
Dennise Somerville SCEL Fellow

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