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GLENTURRET Distillery’s release of a rare 28 year-old single cask malt whisky, described as the best cask that has ever been produced by Scotland’s oldest working distillery, has garnered attention from whisky lovers around the globe.

So much so, that a planned launch of an international delivery service has been brought forward by the distillery, several weeks before it was set to be introduced, to meet international demand.

Only 240 bottles of The Brock Malloy Edition #Cask328 (70cl, bottled at cask-strength) were made available to buy online.

With more than 100 bottles already snapped up by whisky enthusiasts and collectors in the first few days, the team at Glenturret Distillery were inundated with requests from whisky enthusiasts around the world, including Germany and Taiwan, prompting them to speed up the launch of a new, international delivery service that can now see them deliver to over 40 countries.

Stuart Cassells, general manager of The Famous Grouse Experience at Glenturret Distillery, commented: “The Glenturret single malt is a hidden gem in the whisky world and it’s no surprise it has garnered interest from around the globe.

“We had been working on an extended online offering, which would enable us to deliver direct to consumers situated outwith the UK and the success of the Brock Malloy Edition #Cask328 has simply prompted us to react quickly to meet demand.

“We’re delighted that the remarkable taste of a genuinely handmade malt, crafted with passion and care, can now reach whisky drinkers in more than 40 countries and four continents.

“Cask 328 has always been known to be special and I’m delighted we are able to give whisky enthusiasts the opportunity to taste this rare and exceptional whisky.

“The cask was delicately filled and skilfully warehoused on the 16th December 1986 by two Scottish stillmen, Hugh Malloy and Chic Brock, whose names the rare bottling now embraces.

“I’m sure they’d be thrilled to know they are now world famous!”

Although Brock and Malloy are no longer working at the distillery, their expertise meant that Cask 328 required no repair work during its slumbersome 28 years and, when Neil Cameron, Glenturret’s distillery manager tasted its contents, he described it as the best cask laid down that year.

This attention and care from skilled hands resulted in notes of walnuts with oranges and a hint of jasmine to the nose, with spicy ginger and honeycomb to the palate.

A genuinely handmade traditional Scottish product, The Glenturret only require four pairs of hands to produce it and this rare and exceptional whisky comes in a wooden gift frame made by Mike Dempsey, a Strathearn-based carpenter.

Each of the 240 bottles are hand numbered and signed by Neil Cameron, Glenturret’s distillery manager.

Says a spokesperson: “2015 is Scotland’s Year of Food & Drink, celebrating Scotland’s exceptional legacy of developing world-class products and a rare whisky from Scotland’s oldest distillery, that uses the traditional hand-mashing processes, is a fitting way to mark the celebrations.”


Please enjoy our whisky responsibly.

Notes to Editors

Retail Price: £200

UK customers:

International customers:

About Glenturret Distillery

At Glenturret, they believe by hand is better. Always. So that’s how they approach making each and every cask of Glenturret. Nowhere has the phrase, ‘time-honoured’, been used more appropriately than at a workplace with a heritage dating back to 1775. That’s the year before America achieved its independence; a time when Robert Burns was still in his teens.

Tradition reigns supreme at Glenturret. Every single process involved in creating The Glenturret single malt is carried out by hand and with passion. Glenturret still mashes by hand, using a wooden rouser.

Glenturret uses open wash backs, so any visitor to the small distillery can see the magic happening. It is believed to be one of only four distilleries in the world to use open Douglas fir wash backs. “Stainless steel would last longer, but Douglas fir is better.”

And it’s the same when you look at all stages of their process. The stills are run more slowly to create a lighter, more perfected spirit. They rely on the skilled craftsmen to continue to make the cut by eye, rather than by machine. And they still fill all their casks by hand.

About Glenturret Distillery and The Famous Grouse Experience

  • The Famous Grouse Experience is located at Scotland’s oldest working distillery – Glenturret. Originally established as a single malt distillery in 1775, today The Famous Grouse Experience is recognised as the most-visited distillery in Scotland (welcoming an average of 100,000 visitors every year).
  • The distillery was fully refurbished in 2014 and was recently awarded UK Whisky Visitor Attraction of the Year by Whisky Magazine and finished in the top three at the Global Icons of Whisky Awards for Whisky Visitor Attraction of the Year.
  • It has recently announced the opening of a new café and restaurant on site, Wilde Thyme at Glenturret, a partnership with award-winning, Comrie-based luxury caterers, Wilde Thyme, offering the very best in locally-sourced Scottish produce and dishes that give diners an authentic and delicious taste of Perthshire.
  • The distillery offers the opportunity to learn how a single malt is made in the traditional way, as well as learning how some of the Glenturret single malt is then blended along with other grain and malt whiskies to create The Famous Grouse, the No. 1 whisky in the UK.
  • Opening Hours 10am-6pm (Nov-Feb 10am-5pm)
  • Visitor and café restaurant Opening Hours 10am-6pm (Nov-Feb 10am-5pm) The restaurant will be opening in the evenings in the spring.
  • For more information please visit or call 01764 656565

Tour Experiences

  • Distillery Experience: (one hour) Runs hourly. Includes one exceptional distillery tour, and a taste of two fine whiskies. £10 adult, £9 concession (seniors/students/under 18s).
  • Tasting Experience: (one hour) Runs hourly. Includes one exceptional distillery tour, a taste of five fine whiskies and a souvenir nosing glass to keep. £20 Famous Tasting, £30 Finest Tasting, Over 18s only.
  • Warehouse Experience: (1½ hours) Includes one exceptional distillery tour, a taste of four fine whiskies and a magical peek at hundreds of sleeping casks in our very special warehouse. £40, Over 18s only, Pre-booking recommended.
  • Blending Experience: (two hours) Includes one exceptional distillery tour, a tasting of four fine whiskies inside our exclusive bonded warehouse and a unique opportunity to master the art of blending your own whisky, complete with complimentary 100ml bottle and certificate. £60, Over 18s only, Pre-booking recommended.
  • Stillman Experience: (10-4pm) Available Tue, Wed, Thu. Includes one exceptional experience with unrivalled access to the unique world of whisky production. Spend the day side by side with our Stillman and our Drammolier™, learn the art of blending, and toast one fine day with a dram from your complimentary bottle of The Glenturret Highland Single Malt. £250, Over 18s only, Pre-booking essential.

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