Media Release: Drink less, live more – the drink less mind programme hits Scotland


Leading clinical hypnotherapist Georgia Foster launches revolutionary Drink Less Mind programme in Scotland. Reduce the amount of booze you drink; become happier, healthier and more in control of your life

GEORGIA Foster, a leading Australian clinical hypnotherapist and alcohol control specialist, who is based in London, is introducing her unique and proven Drink Less Mind (DLM) programme to Scotland with a special one-day seminar in Edinburgh on Saturday 20 June 2015.

Says a spokesperson: “Both the DLM 21-day online programme and the one-day seminar with Georgia are for people who recognise that their drinking behaviour is starting to impact their health and lives but don’t know how to cut back.

“These are hard-working, responsible people who have got stuck in a rut of regularly drinking too much, the most common reasons of which being social shyness, financial stresses, loneliness, boredom, insomnia and general fears about life.”

The spokesperson adds: “The DLM programme is a 21-day, instantly accessible, fully downloadable, audio experience that teaches alcohol hypnosis techniques based on over 20 years of alcohol reduction expertise.

“Using the power of Georgia’s Inner Dialogue psychology theory to help understand the different types of drinking personalities, dramatic results occur.

“DLM trains the mind and body to shift its unhelpful drinking habits to drink from a calm logical space.

“This means the drive to drink is not so intense or demanding and the domino effect is drinking less, more easily and confidently.

“Added to this. self-esteem of participants dramatically improves, along with healthier coping strategies.

The DLM seminar in Edinburgh is a great way to meet Georgia and learn directly from her, in one day, how to drink less. However, participants can chose to download and take the programme in their own time too.”

Georgia Foster said: “In nearly every instance, alcoholics must stop drinking completely, but excessive and binge drinkers require a different form of ‘treatment’.

“This is the DLM programme, focused on self-awareness, breaking bad habits, and learning how to socialise without using alcohol as an emotional crutch.

“It is the thinking before the drinking that I deal with, freeing yourself from your mind’s mistaken equation that alcohol equals reward for a tough day, consolation for a mistake made, or facilitator of confidence.”

The DLM focuses on the benefits of drinking less rather than quitting altogether.

It allows participants to address their unhealthy relationship with alcohol, to regain control and, in many cases, to enjoy drinking again.

DLM develops new approaches to stress and social situations; ones revolved around enjoyment, not regret, and ones that are less damaging to health.

It also helps participants with key areas that improve self-esteem – lose weight, sleep better, save money, improve their emotional state, make better decisions and improve family life.

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Edinburgh, Saturday 20 June 2015 – 10:00 to 15:45

This event will be centrally located. Full details provided at time of booking

Early Bird Special: full day just £147 (this would normally cost £810.00 in the clinic. You save £663.00).


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Notes to editors

Georgia Foster is a renowned Australian clinical hypnotherapist and specialises in alcohol reduction, fertility, self-esteem and anxiety. She is a top-selling author, international speaker and creator of four famous online programmes – The Drink Less Mind, The Foster Manley Method, Cracking the Love Code and Thinking Fertile. Georgia has lived in London for the past 21 years.

Adds the spokesperson: “Georgia Foster’s ‘revolutionary hypnotherapy’ has changed tens of thousands of lives all over the world. Her easy-to-follow, amazing strategies are specifically designed to shift your thinking and replace old habits with powerful, positive, new ones. Georgia’s proven track record and overwhelming experience has lead her to often be referred to as ‘one of the world’s best hypnotherapists’.

“Since 1995, Georgia Foster has been successfully treating clients from all walks of life with her amazing brand of hypnotherapy and voice dialogue.

“Initially as am one-to-one therapist (and still with two clinics in London), Georgia became an acclaimed author seven years ago as she released the original Drink Less Mind, as well as, the Stress Less Mind and 7 Secrets to Amazing Sex.

“Three years ago, Georgia began developing her online programmes; fully downloadable audio that are accessible anywhere.

“Georgia is trained in a psychology theory called Inner Dialogue that aids the participant to understand what type of drinking personality they are (there are a few).

“This recognition is extremely insightful as a tool to learn how to change inner thinking that is holding the person back from dealing with life better.

“Georgia created the DLM programme triggered by her own ‘socially conditioned’ drinking habits.

“Realising she had an unhealthy relationship with alcohol, she looked to the reasons why the relationship had developed and what could be done to address the problem. Interestingly, the answer was not to stop drinking altogether.”

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