Love is in the Air Among Advertisers

Love is clearly in the air at the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising, which, ahead of Valentine’s Day today, decided it would ask some key personalities in the industry why they loved advertising so much.


“I can’t, off-hand, think of any other trade that would pay me to think about all the things I’d want to think about anyway: about markets and economies and business and people and communications and choice and freedom and words and pictures and new technologies and competitive persuasion and the nature of progress and Toilet Duck and Sunny D and how to see through the eyes of others. I can’t, off-hand, think of any other legitimate trade that is less deferential, less snobby, less conventionally respectable or more fun.”

Jeremy Bullmore, WPP

“ I love being in the business of creating work that makes a difference, with people who have talent, energy and opinions, and clients who love us for all that .”

Cilla Snowball, AMV Group

“What I love most is working with people who in any other guise I would have handpicked as friends who make my job as engaging as a Man Booker prize winner and as adrenaline-fuelled as off-piste skiing.”

Amanda Phillips, Proximity London

“There’s a lot to love about the industry. Intelligence, variety, humour, money, fame and fun – for a start. There’s also a lot of love in the industry – I met both my wives (sequentially of course) in it, so that’s something to be grateful for.”

Moray MacLennan, M&C Saatchi

“I love this industry because it’s filled with so many people who are intelligent and charming (but who coincidentally all seem to be younger than me but are still nice to me). Ultimately, whatever industry you are in, it is always the people in it who make it, and we are lucky to be blessed with some wonderful talent. Oh, and of course, they pay me more money than I deserve to do it….”

Jim Marshall, Starcom

“There’s far too much to love in the advertising industry as far as I’m concerned and I struggle to keep my passion in check. You get very nice stationery, biscuits and soap to name just three things I’m rather keen on.
“But I am particularly hooked on its weird oxymoronic nature: logical intuition, commercial culture, scientific art, ruthless persuasion. And the people it attracts have the same interesting dichotomies. All very stimulating.”

Tess Alps, Thinkbox

…….think that’s just about enough.