The Journalist of tomorrow? Suggested eight essential traits

THE journalist of tomorrow requires to be entrepreneurial and an internet programmer – as well as possess more traditional reporting skills – according to a columnist on a leading social media website.

Says Vadim Lavursik, on “As the news industry looks to reconstruct its suffering business model, the journalists of today must reconstruct their skill sets for the growing world of online media.

“Because of cutbacks at many news organisations, the jobs available are highly competitive. News companies are seeking journalists who are jacks of all trades, yet still masters of one (or more).

“2010 will likely be a time of transition as today’s journalists catch up to learn the multimedia, programming, social media, and business skills they’ll need to tell their stories online. These new skills are especially relevant to start-ups that are looking to hire multi-skilled and social media-savvy journalists.”

He goes on to say there are eight traits the journalist of tomorrow will require, s/he will have to be:

1. Entrepreneurial and business savvy; be a

2. Programmer; be an

3. Open-minded experimenter; be a

4. Multimedia storyteller; be a

5. Social journalist and community builder; be a

6. Blogger and curator; be

7. Multi-skilled; plus have

8. Fundamental journalism skills.