Trump Golf Course Documentary Picks up Festival Award

A Scottish-made documentary about American business tycoon Donald Trump's controversial golf course project in Aberdeenshire has won an award at a prestigious film festival.

Anthony Baxter and Richard Phinney spent a year following the story and the film, You've Been Trumped, questions the decision to back the proposed so-called 'best golf course in the world' at Menie, near Aberdeen.

The film has won the Green Award at this week’s 2011 Sheffield International Doc/Fest and it's understood that it is to be screened at Edinburgh’s Cameo Cinema on the 14th of next month.

Residents were given cameras as part of the project, to record what was happening and their feelings about it.

Baxter is quoted, in The Guardian, as saying: “The documentary tries to uncover the truth, and I feel the truth has not been told to the people of Scotland or the people of the wider world.”

The film features the documentary makers' arrest by police while filming. Charges were later dropped.

Baxter told the Montrose Review weekly newspaper that Trump will have the chance to see the film as it is to be screened 'on his own doorstep' in New York, at Manhattan’s IFC Centre, on the seventh of next month, as part of a Stranger Than Fiction film series.

The weekly wrote: “Hailed as 'brilliant' and 'compelling' by the CBC and others in the Canadian media, the film has featured in The Hollywood Reporter, Variety and in The Washington Post, which cited the film in a scathing environmental expose of Mr Trump’s developments.”