Critics Score Notable Victory over Comedians in Fringe Football Match

The critics “had the last laugh” when they took on a team of comedians in a football game at the Edinburgh Fringe, says the BBC Scotland.

In an exclusive dispatch from the match, BBC Scotland reports: “The funnymen put in a one-star performance and lost to the critics 7-3 in the match, which was organised by Amnesty International.”

The BBC quotes comedian, Mark Watson, as saying: “Losing to the critics is a bitter blow, to be honest.

“But we'll be back stronger next year and maybe we'll have to try bribing the ref with a donation to Amnesty.”

Both teams played in shirts bearing the slogan, 'Free the UAE 5', a reference to Amnesty International's Edinburgh Festival campaign for five online activists detained in the United Arab Emirates and charged with “insulting officials”.

Says the BBC, the comedians' team also included Tim Key, Daniel Sloss, Carl Donnelly, Jimeoin and Paul Singa.

The BBC adds that the the critics team included Julian Hall of The Independent, Michael Macleod from The Guardian and The Scotsman's Malcolm Jack.

Amnesty is hosting a Stand up For Freedom comedy show, tomorrow at the EICC.