Cran targets charities with launch of new comms consultancy

AN understanding of the what makes a good charity-related story in the media is being offered by a new PR consultancy launched today.

Recent former media manager at Shelter Scotland, Christina Cran, has already secured a contract with homelessness charity, Edinburgh Cyrenians, as she launches her business with the specific aim of rooting out the type of ‘Third Sector’ stories the media will be interested in.

Cran told allmediascotland: “I’ve a history of fishing for great stories and creating new hooks. And with a charity PR background and journalism skills behind me, I believe I can find the stories charities need to be telling right now and put them in terms the media will ‘get’.

“There is so much great work unfolding across Scotland every day which would make great news hooks, if only hard-working smaller charities or community groups, had the time to tell them, and knew how to do so effectively. I wanted to put something in place to help the Third Sector do both these things in an effective, strategic fashion.”

She has set up as Cran Communications.

She added: “Some people think I’m mad setting up a new business in a downturn but for me, working with the Third Sector just now is the perfect time. 2011 brings huge uncertainty for many in the voluntary sector, with public sector cuts, funding gaps to fill and discussions around its overall role. But this just makes it even more important to stand up and shout about how vital the sector is to Scotland.

“My vision is to help those working in the sector use good strategic PR and communications and empower them to have a strong voice, whether on a national, regional, or local level.

“Funding and fundraising will be a keystone to any public relations, communications or marketing toolkit this year, and, despite tight budgets, organisations need to invest to see a return. No-one will donate, if they don’t know who you are or what you do.”

Cran Communications launches online today at The identity and website has been designed by award-winning Glasgow design consultancy, Freight. The site was built and hosted, in partnership with Scots web developer, Tom Madden.

Before moving into PR, Cran was a journalist, working for, among others, local papers in Helensburgh and East Lothian (junior through to senior reporter); at press agency, Newsflash; and The Scotsman (shifts). Before joining Shelter Scotland, she did PR for the International Fund for Animal Welfare, in Sydney, Australia.