Investment Agency Issues International PR Invite

A PR contract totalling between £390,000 and £550,000 has been put up for tender by the Scottish Government agency responsible for attracting overseas investment into Scotland.

Comprising two separate lots, the PR and media relations being sought by Scottish Development International is to take place in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Says the brief: “In recent years, international PR has been an important element of SDI’s marketing strategy, targeting specific geographies and sectors to raise awareness of Scotland’s capabilities and its attractiveness as a place to invest. As a result, Scotland is now among the top ten countries likely to be considered as destinations for inward investment in important markets such as France, Germany and the US.”

The contract is for one year and it is being advertised as a current three-year one draws to a close.

A spokesperson for SDI told “International PR continues to play an important role in our overall efforts to sell Scotland and Scottish businesses internationally and complements the work of our overseas-based staff in generating new inward investment for Scotland. Re-tendering these contracts will allow us to continue these efforts while also generate new efficiencies from how we work with our international agencies.”