Are you a journalist involved in reporting food and drink?

IF you are a journalist involved in the reporting of food and drink, then you might be interested in following two twitter feeds that are spin-offs of

allmediascotland offers organisations the opportunity to post their media releases (aka press releases/story ideas for journalists).

These include PR agencies, charities, educational bodies, local authorities, SMEs, etc.

Our prices are very modest, by industry standards, because the aim of the site is to provide a truly rich source of story ideas for journalists.

Our general media releases twitter feed is nonstopstories. Our specific food and drink ones are allDrinkPR and allFoodPR.

By you choosing to follow these links helps enormously in acting as a broker, between organisations and the media.

Organisations, such as Volpa PR agency, which has put up this release about the return of an iconic beer brand.

As announced, here.