Your Noon Briefing: Suzie McGuire, The Conversation, etc

BEGINS the website, “Former Radio Clyde presenter, Suzie McGuire, is joining GO Radio in Glasgow for a daily show.

“She’ll host the afternoon drivetime programme when GO starts broadcasting from two DAB transmitters in September.”

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THE University of Glasgow and the University of St Andrews are among a number of prestigious universities to have recently joined the news analysis and commentary website, The Conversation.

The site, launched in the UK two years ago by a team of editors led by Scot, Stephen Khan – formerly of The Guardian, The Observer, and The Independent – uses academic expertise to explain and shed light on news events, developments and discoveries.

Glasgow University joins the project – a non-profit, registered charity – as the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge also sign up.

Other Scottish universities – Aberdeen, Glasgow Caledonian, Edinburgh Napier and Stirling – are already on board.

Says Khan, content produced by The Conversation UK is now being viewed by more than ten million people a month. The model allows other news organisations to republish the content free, and 90 per cent appears elsewhere.

There are now 46 UK universities in membership, and The Conversation employs 18 editors in the UK, including Steven Vass, formerly of the Sunday Herald, who is its Scotland editor.

Stephen Khan said: “I’m thrilled that the universities of Glasgow and St Andrews are joining The Conversation.

“This gives their academics an opportunity to take part in a global discussion. We will now run training sessions on writing for  a public audience at those universities, and work with the universities to access expertise that can educate and inform the public at large about events shaping our world.”

He added that he hoped further editors would also soon be joining The Conversation. The site is part of a global network, sharing a platform, which also has operations in the United States, Africa and Australia, where the concept originated.

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BEGINS the trade website, “Johnston Press has opened the way to potential merger talks with other regional publishers after chief executive, Ashley Highfield, said: ‘You could get it done.’

“The publisher is said to be sizing up its local press rivals with a view to merging with one of them.

“Speaking to the Telegraph after [Tuesday’s] half-yearly results, Ashley revealed that JP’s laywers had been looking at ‘potential combinations’ of regional press groups as a ‘desk exercise’.”

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SAYS the standfirst to an article published in The Guardian: “First it was São Paulo, then Chennai. Then Grenoble, Tehran, Paris and now even New York have spawned movements to replace or ban outdoor advertising. Are we entering the age of ad-free cities – or is this just an eye-catching distraction?”

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