Gilson said to have made good initial impression

A ROUND of applause – more than at least one predecessor enjoyed – was said to have been accorded to Mike Gilson, The Scotsman’s new editor, after he addressed ‘his troops’ yesterday afternoon.

The former Portsmouth News editor gave a speech described by insiders as “lively” and “energetic”, with one word standing out for many: ‘wit’.

Arguing the paper should contain more wit, Gilson also hinted at changes needing to be made – not in people at the paper, but aspects to it. He wants the paper to “be talked about” and to “set the agenda”.

One staffer told Spike he was reminded of Tony Mowbray’s appointment as manager of Hibernian football club, two years ago.

Mowbray, like Gilson, was a name ‘out of the blue’. He was not as ‘big a name’ as some of those linked with the job. And when he arrived at Hibernian’s Easter Road home, he ‘made all the right noises’.

Mowbray has since ‘delivered’.

Gilson is to spend the next couple of weeks sounding out staff. As Spike reported last week, he has sought 300-word analyses of the paper from senior editorial colleagues.

Expect much feverish activity on the ‘shopfloor’ as staff go out of their way to impress their new boss.