Headline lesson for us all

SPIKED liked: This classic sub’s nightmare in Friday’s Daily Record. The headline on page two read: ‘A Scots teacher suffers attack every 12 Mmnutes’, Spike bets that, while that teacher is likely to be less than happy, every other teacher will be grateful it’s not them.

Meanwhile, Spike also liked the Record’s headline, reporting the announcement of a new presenter on stv’s forthcoming coverage of football’s Champions League: ‘Jim, but not as we know him’.

With Jim Delahunt leaving stv for football broadcasters, Setanta, his replacement is to be Jim White – the Daily Telegraph’s Jim White, not Sky’s.

Like his namesake, White has already worked for stv, on its The Back Page sports chat show.

Meanwhile, stv is expected to soon confirm a new presenter for its long-running sports programme, Scotsport.

P.S. Spiked also liked yesterday’s Sunday Herald: As part of a two-page feature interview with Susan Rice, who heads up Lloyds TSB Scotland, in its business section, there was a message for the subs, to put in a quote. Thing is, it didn’t happen. And so, that section of the page read: “This is a quote here and make it an interesting one thanks very much indeed yes.”