Vlad volleys more vitriol at hacks

JUST in case you missed it on Friday, the owner of Hearts football club, Vladimir Romanov, has launched another tirade of abuse at football journalists, this time accusing them of spreading “manure over his crops”.

In December, he accused football journalists of being instruments of the Devil. Now, he says they remind him “of those Bolsheviks in Soviet times who wanted to shoot a peasant only because he planted the seeds following his own way, and not their instructions”.

His statement began: “I want to dedicate Hearts victories to those journalists who, because of their hate towards us, only notice our defeats and say it is fair criticism when in fact it is simply hysteria with only one aim – to dismantle the club.”

Later, he added: “Once [the Bolsheviks] were ready to shoot a peasant but a clever one stopped them and said: ‘Let’s shoot him in the autumn after he has gathered his harvest’. I guess that if you could, I would have already been shot by now, but whilst you can’t, full of hate and anger, you are spreading manure on my crops.”