Dear Mike Gilson…

SPIKE always likes to help out whenever possible, and that’s why there’s a crate of lager to be won for the best suggestion on how to improve The Scotsman newspaper.

It’s understood that new editor, Mike Gilson, arrives at the paper’s Edinburgh HQ on Monday, and he has already been busy canvassing opinion on how to take The Scotsman forward.

Spike hears that emails have been sent and phone calls made to heads of department and senior editorial staff asking for 300 words on what the paper should do next – arguably something of a poisoned chalice of a request.

But free of having to be diplomatic, the Spike reader who sends us the best ‘300 words’ wins a crate of Kronenbourg, courtesy of our friends at Scottish and Newcastle.

We’ve started the ball rolling on our ‘Have your Say’ forum.

So long as your username (when you log in, to use the forum) is not your real name, then you will be anonymous.

But we’ll know who you are, so we can dispatch the bevvy, should you come up with what we consider the best proposal.