Marketeers dreaming of brave new world

AN ambition to grow Scotland’s marketing industry by 25 per cent is one of the aims stated by what is being billed as hopefully the “most representative gathering of Scottish marketing communications industry decision makers ever” – taking place today.

While there are already not one but numerous organisations purporting to respresent the Scottish marketing industry, today’s event, in Edinburgh, is being hosted by an organisation calling itself the Scottish Marketing Communications Action Group.

It says: “At the meeting, we will set out our detailed vision and agree a mechanism that will enable us to collectively do something about moving our industry forward – rather than just wish it would. There will be no carve-ups. There are no power plays waiting to happen. There is only the wish to pool our collective wisdom and muscle like never before.”

The Scottish Marketing Communications Action Group describes itself as “a non-membership organisation that has spent the last six months seeking cross-industry expressions of interest in creating a single unified body to represent our industry, taking on board the views of the membership of all of the industry’s trade bodies so that we can have a real impact on the opinions and actions of our most important industry influencers – at government, industry and media level”.

It adds: “Our ultimate vision is to grow the marcomms industry in Scotland by 25 per cent. Not by creating yet another membership organisation, but by forming a truly cross-industry representative body.”