Friday noticeboard: CIPR Scotland

AS well as enjoying an “impressive presentation” by David Dinsmore, editor of The Scottish Sun (as reported by an attendee), delegates at this year’s annual Chartered Institute of Public Relations (Scotland) also had the opportunity to choose a new chair and vice-chair.

Following the scheduled stepping-down of Jenifer Stirton, director of Communications NHS Lothian, as chair, the CIPR (Scotland) annual general meeting earlier this week annointed Tom Fox as its new head.

Mr Fox is head of communications at the Scottish Prison Service. The new vice-chair is Carol Matthews of Matthews Marketing.

* * *

THE ‘Friday noticeboard’ is aimed squarely at the Scotland’s PR and marketing communities, who have news snippets to share, including details of commissions won and people on the move, which might make for useful conversation starters in the pub later on.

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