Blushes shared at press sonference

CELTIC football club manager, Gordon Strachan, may be a master of repartee, but he arguably met his match at yesterday’s press conference, previewing his side’s Champions League match at home to Portuguese giants, Benfica, this evening.

Asked about injuries in his side, he had no sooner said, “Im not worried,” when the translator for the Portuguese journalists in the room began speaking.

She obviously though Strachan had stopped and so offered the translation; his wry look made it clear he had been only pausing for breath.

At which point, Strachan then made a joke about a loss of spontaneity, adding the translator’s blushes suited her.

But as the room began to dissolve into laughter, she responded – cryptically – “I try to match”.

A reference to Strachan’s ginger barnet, perhaps?