News alert breakthrough for allmediascotland

WE tried it yesterday and it not only works, it looks brilliant. On a Sony Ericsson K800i mobile telephone, we saw the headlines (and, with a click of a button, the accompanying text) to yesterday’s Spike stories.
It is all through the wonders of RSS – which anyone and everyone can sign up to.

And at, there are any number of RSS options on offer. All for free. Spike is one. The media releases posted on allnewswire – by organisations such Heriot-Watt University, Epilepsy Scotland and HMV – is another. Yet another are diary events. And yet another are media releases by category, such as social affairs, education and sport.

If you are a social affairs correspondent and media releases from the likes of Epilepsy Scotland is what you are looking to receive, then sign up.

If you are an education correspondent or even an education professional, then sign up.

If you are a sports journalist or simply a sports fan, then sign up.

In fact, there is a choice of 22 media release categories to sign up to.

To receive RSS, you need to have an RSS reader. For some, that may mean downloading a bit of software; but for others, especially those with more recent computers, you may find your favourite browser, such as Firefox, has a RSS reader as standard, just the click of an icon away.

Yesterday alone, the newsdesk at talk107 radio station signed up to receive our allnewsire feed (for all the media releases posted), as did the weekly newspaper of the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations, Third Force News.

Also, Ross Laurie, managing director of Edinburgh-based Line Marketing Ltd, signed up yesterday to specifically receive RSS alerts about media releases about the media.

Let us know if you have signed up to receive one or more of our RSS feeds, by emailing us at