Allmediascotland news source wins new converts

ON Tuesday, it was the turn of radio station, talk107, plus the newspaper of the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations; yesterday, it was Radio Forth and Holyrood magazine.

All have signed up to receive alerts of the latest media releases to be posted on allnewswire, the most recent from the British Council (Scotland).

allnewswire is a service aimed at the likes of voluntary organisations, local authorities, sports and theatre bodies, and plcs. The more organisations who post their media releases, the more allnewswire becomes a news source in its own right.

Anyone and everyone can sign up to receive the alerts: all that is required is an RSS reader (easy to set up) and then a click of the ‘media releases’ RSS invite in the left-hand column of this site’s home page.

Sign up, let us know at and have your name added to this list:

Holyrood magazine
Radio Forth
Ross Laurie, md, Line Marketing Ltd*
Third Force News

* Receiving media releases, by specific category (from a choice of 22), as opposed to all.