Sympathy in short supply for tolerance appeal

AN appeal for short films on the issue of abuse within young adult relationships has run into trouble with one of the most provocative writers on Scottish film.

No doubt, the Edinburgh-based charity, the Zero Tolerance Charitable Trust. will have, in good faith, thought it was doing a good thing, offering filmmakers the chance to have their short films on domestic abuse screened at the capital’s Filmhouse next year.

The Zero Tolerance Charitable Trust campaigns against violence in relationships.

But film blogger, Leanne Smith, has reacted angrily, accusing the trust of ‘economic violence’ for seemingly wanting people to make films for free that, what’s more, might be used to help continue the trust’s campaigning work.

If, despite Smith’s ‘health warning’, you still want to support the trust’s film screening – which is taking place in March, to mark the start of International Women’s Week – then click here.