Sun sales in Scotland still on the rise

IN the race to be Scotland’s best-selling daily newspaper, November proved another good month for the Scottish edition of The Sun, with an increase of almost 3,000 copies on its average sales during October – themselves a high-water mark in its circulation ambitions.

According to the latest ABC figures, average circulation figures for last month had The Sun – which is selling for 10p – at 418,213, up on its previous figure of 415,546. Meanwhile, its nearest rival, the Daily Record was in at 384,630 – providing some cheer at Central Quay, given its average daily sale the previous month had been slightly less, at 384,396.

However, way out front, as Scotland’s most popular newspaper, remains the Sunday Mail, at 474,577.

Next up is The Scottish News of the World, in at 305,572, with the Sunday Post reasonably close behind, at 295,932.

The other big players – the Mail on Sunday and the Scottish Daily Mail – pitch up with 122,756 and 121,445 respectively.

Then, it’s the turn of the Daily Star and Daily Express – at 90,992 and 79,692 – before the first broadsheet makes its mark, the Sunday Times Scotland, at 76,840.

The other numbers are: The Herald 71,076, Scotland on Sunday 67,957, The Scotsman 57,688, Sunday Herald 57,302 and Sunday Express 49,251.

Then comes the Daily Mirror 35,898, the Daily Star – Sunday 32,712, the Sunday Mirror 30,086, The Times 28,050, and The People 25,608.

Bringing up the rear are The Daily Telegraph 22,996, The Observer 21,221, Sunday Telegraph 20,512, The Guardian 15,752, The Independent 10,644, the Independent on Sunday, 8,615, and the Financial Times, at 6,005.

P.S. Of course, we should have run this yesterday. Apologies.