SMG management praised over pay proposals

IT’S not often union officials are warmly commending the way management has approached pay discussions, but Paul Holleran, Scottish Organiser of the National Union of Journalists, is to recommend to members on Friday they accept pay proposals from SMG, the owners of stv.

“I have to say, it has been quite impressive the way the company have handled the discussions, and we’re delighted.” he began. “Some staff will be receiving as much as a 12 per cent rise in their pay, because the company has recognised they were being inadequately rewarded for the responsibility they have.”

Members of the broadcasting trade union, BECTU, are understood to have already accepted SMG’s proposals.

Added Holleran: “This is the culmination of years of discussion, during which time some people were not being properly paid, as far as the importance of their job was concerned. But these slippages have been recognised and we’re almost there in terms of having the inequalities ironed out. Pay grades are being properly realigned to responsibility. So, credit where it’s due.”