Calendar girl set to become exhibition star

OF all the 2007 calendars that companies will have handed out over the last few weeks to their prized customers, few are likely to rival, for quality, the limited edition calendar produced by pension providers, Scottish Widows.

Indeed, in just over a fortnight’s time, so good are the photographs featured in the calendar, they are to appear at an exhibition at the Association of Photographers’ gallery in London.

And managing the job was an Edinburgh-based direct marketing agency, Navigator Responsive Advertising, who were handed, in February, what they describe as a “creative’s dream” – ahead of two, rival bids.

Says Navigator: “The calendar, a first for Scottish Widows, is intended to be a piece of art that will be sought after, year on year, by those in the financial services sector.”

From a shortlist of six, Scottish photographer, David Boni, was awarded the commission.

Scottish Widows new-look ‘Widow’ model, Hayley Hunt, was then photographed in June by Boni, including at Tarbat Ness in Ross and Cromarty, where Hayling is captured staring out into a dramatic sunset; while at Sango Bay, in Sutherland, she stands on a sea stack, amid crashing waves, her cloak billowing to reveal its red lining.