Scottish Screen six to sit on interim cultural board

THE creation of a single organisation, comprising a merger of Scottish Screen and the Scottish Arts Council, has taken yet another step forward, with the announcement of interim board members.

Comprising familiar names from the constituent bodies, the ‘joint board’ will operate until the completion of a proposed full merger, which will result in the single organisation, Creative Scotland.

Of the 11 appointees – Charles Lovatt, Ray Macfarlane, John Mulgrew, Steve Grimmond, Dinah Caine, Jim McSharry, Barbara McKissack, Donald Emslie, Ben Twist, Rab Noakes and Iain Smith – six currently sit on the board of Scottish Screen.

Recently, the identity of the chair was announced: Dr Richard Holloway – from the board of the Arts Council.

These appointments will run until February 1 2010, are part-time and non-remunerated. The formal time commitment is six days a year.

However, members will also be involved in working groups and committees of the board, and other events, in the preparation for the transition to Creative Scotland.