Silks, spin and nuts

NEWSPAPERS have been supurating with views about the Prime Minister’s departure of late. Only last week, Peter Jones in The Scotsman wrote that Blair had become an electoral asset to the SNP and should go now.

That’s mild compared to The Times, which has supported the idea that Tony might be ‘crazy’. It ran a front page story to that effect a while back, and it’s an idea first mooted by the paper’s columnist, Matthew Parris.

But the PM’s former spin doctor, Alistair Campbell, confirmed to Spike that Blair was hanging around well beyond the Scottish Parliament elections in May.

Campbell was in Edinburgh for the Scottish Legal Awards, organised by Edinburgh PR firm, KD Media. As Campbell was sat next to former SNP siren, Margo MacDonald, at the awards, one imagines the small talk was very small indeed.

The morning of the event, on Friday, one paper had run a Campbell piece suggesting David Cameron was an up-market Alex Salmond.

Which paper did the spin doctor trust this wisdom to? Why, The ‘Blair’s Nuts’ Times, of course.