Common, best practice aim of web design conference

AN attempt to encourage web designers adopt common, best practice as standard – for instance, ensuring their designs work equally as well across all internet browsers – is one of the aims of a conference taking place in Scotland next month.

Believed to be the first conference of its type in Scotland, ‘The Highland Fling – Web Standards in Scotland’ is the brainchild of an Edinburgh-based web developer, Alan White.

Says White: “The main aim is to raise awareness about adding value to your clients’ end product, best practice and web standards’ as well as bringing the community together to spark new ideas, build relationships and maybe even start new business ventures.”

The day-long event – on the fifth of next month – has attracted a range of speakers, among them best-selling authors, designers, and ‘Web 2.0 gurus’.

Adds White: “They are considered to be the best in their field, representing some of the top UK companies.

“They are developers, advisors, interaction designers, design consultants or creative  directors. Some of the subjects they will address include: progressive enhancement, graded browser support, the future of CSS, microformats, JavaScript and Ajax.”

Speakers include Jeremy Keith, of Clearleft; Mark Norman Francis, of Yahoo! Europe; James Edwards, of Brothercake; and Andy Clarke, of Stuff and Nonsense.

For more information, ticket and sponsorship details, telephone 0131 208 3595 or email