Sidelining fears will prove unfounded, speakers predict

FEARS that journalists and TV and radio programme-makers will be sidelined by more and more content in the media being produced by the general public will prove unfounded, according to one of the main themes to emerge at a media conference on Friday.

When invited to predict the Scottish media landscape might look like in 2020, a variety of speakers appeared to endorse each other’s observation: that while some people welcome lots of choice – including a proliferation of ‘user-generated’ content – there are others who would prefer a professional make the choices for them – at the same time, offering reassurances about the likes of quality of production, accuracy and neutrality.

The conference, hosted by The Drum media and marketing magazine in Glasgow, saw, among others, Emap boss, Paul Keenan, and SMG Television managing director, Bobby Hain, take to the podium.

And Hain wasn’t alone in voicing the opinion: “Ultimate choice may be heaven for some, but many others prefer a ‘trusted friend’ [such as stv] package it for them, instead.”