Documentary promises to be first of many for Brown

A TV documentary broadcast on Tuesday, about a man who has been profoundly deaf since birth, but is now also losing his sight, may be a sign of things to come from its associate producer, a former TV reporter.

Losing My Senses, the latest Storyline documentary on BBC Scotland, attracted a peak audience of 270,000 viewers, and an average 14 per cent of the TV-viewing watching audience in Scotland at the time, equivalent to 180,000 people.

It follows an idea developed by Jill Brown (nee Robertson), who was a reporter at stv for six years, including on the station’s Scottish Action, social affairs programme.

The programme was about her friend, Stephen Joyce, and involves the charity, Deafblind Scotland, for whom Brown has been carrying out some public relations work. Losing My Senses was produced by independent TV production company, Hopscotch Films, to whom Brown took the idea for the programme.

“When I was stv, my strength lay in ‘people stories’, and that is where my heart lies,” said Brown. “And I have a couple of similar-type, social affairs programme ideas in development, this time with [another ‘indie’] MnE Television.”