Double figures for Dundee games outfit

A DUNDEE-based games developer has further tightened its grip on a dedicated games channel, on TV, with the release of a game based on a character from TV channel, Cartoon Network.

In fact, with a game based on the character, ‘Robotboy’, Denki has completed its tenth cartoon under license from Cartoon Network, and 52nd game in total.

Denki has been operating for seven years, has a staff of 14 and is responsible for around 80 per cent of all the games on BSkyB’s Gamester TV channel.

The full title of the game is ‘Robotboy: Kamikazi Kidnap’.

Says accompanying promotional blurb: “Players must help Robotboy to rescue Tommy, Lola and Gus, who have been kidnapped by the evil Dr Kamikazi.

“The Dr – who wants to re-programme Robotboy and use his powers to take over the world – is broadcasting a jamming signal, which stops Robotboy from super-activating and using the full range of his powers. The player has to help Robotboy escape the Dr’s trap and rescue his friends.”

Denki adds it has worked with Cartoon Network for the last four years.