Hamish’s odyssey – part two

As his campaign to be elected to the Scottish Parliament continues apace, former newspaper man – and more recently, Press Gazette Scottish correspondent – Hamish Mackay, really ought to give up the fags…

ALTHOUGH I constantly carp about my esteemed leader, Archie Stirling’s lack of political nous and utter ignorance of the dark skills of Machiavellianism, there’s obviously nothing wrong with his genes.

Archie and his winsome actress daughter, Rachael, the offspring of his marriage to the actress, Diana Rigg, are splashed all over the public press on the stump in Stirling (sic) yesterday.

This will surely at last bring a faint smile to our two greetin’, grim -faced media advisers, Gordon Hay and Ian McKerron, who are constantly pressing me for exclusives.

APOLOGIES: the rest of this entry is unavailable, most likely due to a corrupted database.