Readers go the distance

THE readers of local newspaper, the East Kilbride News, have spoken.

When reporters, Martin Stirling and Eddie Docherty, declared they were interested in taking part in a local 10k ‘fun run’, their readers responded: No, do the half-Marathon, taking place alongside, instead.

It wouldn’t have helped that the choice of 10k or half-Marathon was offered to the readers, who voted online, by a margin of four-to-one, for the latter option.

When he last weighed himself, Stirling was approaching 14 stone and had barely run for a bus, never mind for charity over such a long distance.

“If I can still breathe afterwards, I’ll be happy” he said, when Spike asked what his target time was.

The race is on the 24th of next month and the pair are running for the Kilbryde Hospice Appeal and the East Kilbride News Toy Appeal.

And on declaring their intentions yesterday, the pair are planning to take the challenge seriously, as they seek out expert nutritional, etc. advice on how to prepare, which they, of course, intend to share with their readers.