Hamish’s odyssey – part eleven

IN the end, former newspaper man and – mostly recently, Scottish correspondent for the Press Gazette – Hamish Mackay, was a long way off from succeeding in his bid to be elected to the Scottish Parliament. In the Highlands and Islands list vote, the Scottish Voice candidate attracted some 450 votes. Given the chaos of the counting on Thursday night and Friday morning, he was unable to file his daily update for allmediascotland.com on Friday. Here, he more than makes up for it…

HELLO again… at the end of an electoral odyssey which in turn has been exhilarating, exasperating, edifying and emotional… but most definitely life-changing.

So life-changing that I now plan to up sticks after almost 40 years in Aberdeen to move north and live and work in the Inverness area.

My odyssey ended at precisely 5.29pm on Friday in the Inverness Sports Centre, in Bught Park, almost 20 hours after the polls closed.

I was in the small coterie peering at computer screens as the SNP’s David Thomson clinched a historic triumph as Alex Salmond’s party became the first nationalist party in the UK to win an election, both on seats and the largest number of votes.

Sadly, I wasn’t exactly the brightest participant at this historic moment as I had gone without sleep for 40 hours.

APOLOGIES: the rest of this entry is unavailable, most likely because of a corrupted database.