The PurpleInternet Marketing series: The ten biggest search engine optimisation mistakes – No.1

THE vast majority of websites haven’t got a clue about keywords. If you don’t know what words your potential customers are using in search engines, to try and find a business like yours, then it’s hardly worth while having a website.

The meta keywords myth

Most people setting up a website guess at which words or phrases their potential customers might associate with their business. These words and phrases are then thrown into the meta keywords tag, with the belief that, before long, website visitors will start rolling in. Nothing could be further than the truth.

The reality is that the right keywords have to be placed strategically in many areas of website coding before they can have an opportunity to positively impact an increase in the right kind of visitors from search engines.

However, before the correct placing of your keywords can be considered, you have to make sure that you’re using the right ones for your website.

Making sure you choose the right keywords

There are many websites that let you search for how many times a particular keyword or phrase was searched for on the Internet over the past month. Once of the best and most popular is the Free Wordtracker Keyword Tool.

This free-to-use research tool should be experimented with to determine the single best keyword phrase for the most efficient optimisation of your home page.

It’s extremely tempting to research the most commonly searched for word in your industry, and then optimise your website for that word in an attempt to attract as many website visitors as possible. An important factor to bear in mind, though, is that thousands, if not millions, of websites in your industry will be competing for those single keywords.

The trick is to aim for your website to be on the top page of online search results.

How to choose the right keyword phrase

Your chance of appearing in the top page of search engine results is greatly enhanced if you focus your website optimisation efforts on two or three-word phrases instead of single words. But how do you choose the right keyword phrase?

Start by typing what you think your most popular industry keyword would be into the Wordtracker Keyword Tool. You will then be shown other phrases that contain your chosen word, and the amount of times that word has been searched for on Internet search engines over the past month.

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