TV series on look-out for property tales

THE producers of a new television series, about property, airing on stv this summer, are looking for people in the midst of trying to buy or sell a property but struggling to do so.

Safe as Houses promnises to be “packed with real-life stories, top financial tips, and facts and figures about the Scottish property market”, and as well as people stuggling to buy or sell, the producers are also on the look-out for people seeking expert financial advice.

Says producer, Kim Kinnie: “Getting on the property ladder can be a nightmare and the many mortgage deals out there are often bewildering.

“The new series will focus on the financial side of the property market, and show that it’s not just what you buy – it’s also how, when and where. We want to hear from anyone out there facing a tricky property situation. Sorting out your property is no easy task but we’re here to help.”

Safe as Houses will start transmitting at the end of July.