Creative school launching for young people

TWO of Scotland’s best-known broadcasters have teamed up to provide young people a chance to explore the world of TV and radio.

Alison Craig and Diane Lester have set up, to give young people an opportunity to explore “the more creative side of life”.

Musical theatre, photography and drama are being offered, as well as radio and TV. The courses are for young people, aged ten to 16.

Craig, a columnist with the Sunday Mail newspaper and a regular on BBC Radio Scotland, said: “I didn’t get into broadcasting until I was 26.

“When I said I wanted to work in the music industry, my career guidance teacher at school told me to ‘get a job in a record shop’. If something like this had been around then I’m sure I would have found out a lot earlier what I wanted to do. Everyone has a talent, we’re here to help you find it.”