First foray into feature film for theatre co.

A FIVE-week film shoot has begun in Edinburgh, for a movie that represents the first foray by a theatre company in the capital into the world of feature-length filmmaking.

The movie – being co-produced by long-established filmmakers, Makar Productions – is about being a refugee in Edinburgh and has emerged from a writing project at the Theatre Workshop.

‘Trouble Sleeping’ explores what it’s like being a refugee in the city, and involves actual refugees in both acting and writing capacities – with Robert Rae, the Theatre Workshop’s long-serving artistic director, at the helm of the project.

But there’s a narrative thread also to the film: the survival of the refugees depends on a secret being revealed.

Makar Productions’ credits include co-producing ‘Blind Flight’, about the kidnapping in, Lebanon, of Brian Keenan and John McCarthy, and ‘True North’, an award-winning film about fishermen smuggling Chinese immigrants into Scotland.