Smooth switch to Pacific Quay?

IT was never going to be easy, moving BBC Scotland from its old home on Queen Margaret Drive to shiny new premises on the banks of the River Clyde.

In fact, in the case of one radio show, it has moved to Pacific Quay, only to have turn about, when some key bit of kit was found to be not working.

But the experience of the MacAulay and Co. show is not unique, as moving dates drift and gremlins are discovered in the equipment.

And where there’s technical hiccups, there’s inevitable delays in completing any necessary training.

But a BBC Scotland spokesperson said: “It’s pretty much what you’d expect from moving something that is so technology-based, but I wouldn’t say its anything we’re unduly concerned about.

“There’s bound to be hitches while staff get used to a new environment – and in some case – also start operating new technology – but I think the majority of staff so far are reasonably pleased with their new building. You’ve also got to remember that we’re not fully operational yet and everything won’t be complete for another few months, when we have our official opening in September.”