Radio station hands teenager weekday breakfast show

A RADIO station in Lanarkshire is believed to have employed the UK’s youngest host for a weekday breakfast show.

Seventeen year-old Grant Thomson, who has been with L107 for a year has taken over the peak time show.

The Stirling-born youngster had been taking a year’s break from Higher Education and pursuing more radio presentation work, when the offer came to move from weekends to daytime.

The station’s managing director, Mark Page, a former Radio 1 and Radio Clyde DJ, who started on the airwaves himself at 16, said: “Grant has been given this fantastic opportunity and I am sure our Lanarkshire audience will warm to his bright, young sound at breakfast. Saying that, he sounds advanced for his years and even has experience of working on other commercial radio stations.”

Adds Grant: “I am still getting used to the early mornings, but the hard work is now on passing my driving test. I don’t know how much longer my mum and dad can take getting up at 4 am to drive me to the studio.”

L107 has been on the air for 20 months. The station’s parent company is launching Perth FM 106.6 later this year.