Stv series jet-sets around the world

A TV series made for stv, and broadcast last summer, has been sold to 28 countries, including Algeria, Canada, Chad, Kuwait, Norway and Yemen.

JetSet followed a group of seven fighter pilots and five navigators, all with the aim of completing a gruelling six-month training course at RAF Lossiemouth.

It was narrated by actor, Ewan Macgregor, and, says stv, cheekily: “the handsome pilots were inundated with requests for dates and signed pics, and several skimpy undergarments were sent to the stv press office in a bid to woo the stars of the series”.

It continues: “Now the stv press office is bracing itself for an influx of foreign underwear as the series has now been sold to 28 countries across the world.”

Adds Paul Sheehan, commercial director for SMG Television, more seriously: “This is a fantastic series, with a bit of drama, a lot of excitement, some really interesting insights into the RAF training schemes, and some Hollywood glamour in the form of Ewan Macgregor’s voice-over – so it’s no surprise that it’s being snapped up by foreign TV stations. The appeal of fighter pilots and fast jets is quite amazing!”

JetSet will be also going out on the UKTV People channel in September (Sky channel 566 and Virgin TV channel 206).

It was produced by Julia Shannon, who has since relocated from Aberdeen to Glasgow to work freelance.

Her most recent producer credit was ‘The Edwardian Family Album’, for BBC Four, and she is due to produce a live daytime property show on BBC One in September.