Nationalist wag in flag grab?

WITH the Saltire on the Scottish Parliament building probably being flown more proudly than it has ever done, Spike hears that, just up the road – at the headquarters of The Scotsman newspaper – the Union Jack is not faring quite so well.

A few days ago, a sticker was spotted on a flagpole at Barclay House, bearing the legend: ‘Put Away the Butcher’s Apron’.

Now, a miniature Union Jack, that has adorned a reporter’s computer for several months, has been torn down in what insiders describe as dramatic dawn raid.

The reporter, who has also been known to have God Save The Queen on his mobile phone ringtone, is said to have been “devastated” when he discovered the flag was gone.

Colleagues insist they were not responsible for the incident, meaning attention is probably now turning elsewhere…