Wood sees the good from the trees

ONEof the UK’s leading travel writers has been appointed director of a charity aimed at tackling climate change by tree planting.

Scot, Katie Wood, is best known for reporting from around the world for national newspapers and on TV and radio holiday shows, and writing guidebooks.

But now it’s her knowledge and love of the environment that will be harnessed – by Scotland-based Global Trees – in an attempt to reduce the damage being done by global warming.

Having travelled all over the world throughout the 1980’s and 90’s, she became increasingly concerned about the impact that mass tourism was having on the environment. This inspired her to write a series of books entitled, The Good Tourist.

Researched and written with her Chartered Forester husband, Syd House, the books went on to win international acclaim.

As a result of the reputation earned by her books, Katie subsequently carried out environmental consultancy work for organisations including British Airways, the European Union and VisitScotland.

Her passion for the environment has now led her to take up a full-time position with Global Trees, which was set up last year by Peter Grant of the property management company, Grant Management.

Global Trees aim is to help businesses, big and small, and individuals go carbon neutral, and to help reverse global warming by tree planting projects worldwide. Working in conjunction with the Energy Saving Trust and the Carbon Trust, its aim is to encourage people to work out their carbon footprint and take steps to reduce their impact on the environment.

Global Trees has already planted 100,000 saplings in the UK and in Cambodia, where the tree-planting programme is creating valuable sustainable local jobs.

“I’m delighted to be appointed director of Global Trees,” said Katie. “I have spent many years travelling to and reporting from some of the world’s most beautiful places. I want them to remain beautiful.

“From the Arctic Circle to the Amazon basis, the world is a remarkable but delicate life support system. We have to act if it is to remain as such. I hope to be able to use my knowledge of planet earth to persuade others that, together, we really can make a difference.”

Adds Peter: “Katie is well known across Scotland and much further afield. She has worked in places that are endangered by climate change such as Belize and the Caribbean. She knows exactly what is at stake. Her knowledge, skill and determination to make a difference will help Global Trees help the planet.”

In a 22-year journalistic career, Ms Wood has worked for newspapers such as the Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, Sunday Times and The Guardian. She is author of 39 travel guides and holds a Fellowship of the Royal Geographical Society for her work on environmental tourism.