Film fest countdown – at one

THE countdown has reached its conclusion, ahead of today’s opening night of the Edinburgh International Film Festival, and – in association with national screen agency, Scottish Screen – has been bringing to you what it considers to be the top ten Scottish elements of the festival. So, in at number one….

1 – Hallam Foe

Public screenings
Wednesday August 15, 9.30pm, Cineworld
Wednesday August 15, 9.45pm, Cineworld

Industry screenings
Wednesday August 15, 9.30am, Cineworld 7

Says Scottish Screen: “We have to go for Hallam Foe for the top spot, even though it is the Festival’s opening film and people will be clamouring to see it. And so they should, the scenery of Edinburgh is wonderful, the music is very trendy, the story is delightfully dark and not knowing whether to love of hate the story’s hero, Hallam, will keep you thinking about him for ages. Made by David Mackenzie and Sigma Films and starring Jamie Bell and Sophia Myles, the film has already impressed audiences at Berlin International Film Festival earlier this year.”