TV viewing boost for advertisers

THE UK advertising industry was yesterday toasting what it describes as the first year-on-year increase in average daily viewing of television “for some time”.

Claims the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising, average daily viewing currently stands at 3.46 hours.

It says the non-terrestrial channels continue to grow “in terms of penetration, patronage and share of viewing” with the average audience share being 36.4 per cent between the beginning of April and the end of June – compared to 34.6 per cent the previous quarter.

But it doesn’t reveal when the previous increase year-on-year increase in average daily viewing of television took place.

In a statement, it notes: “Whilst this growth has impacted negatively on all the terrestrial channel shares, the percentage of total viewing to all commercial channels has remained fairly constant at 61.6 per cent.”

Adds Lynne Robinson, research director at the IPA: “It is good to see signs of growth in overall television viewing levels. It is also good to see that the commercial sector is maintaining its viewing share as the balance of viewing between terrestrial and non-terrestrial channels changes.”