Ayrshire community group awarded radio licence

A COMMUNITY group in Ayrshire has had its application to run a local radio station accepted by the broadcasting regulators, Ofcom.

3TFM – serving Stevenston, Saltcoats and Ardrossan – is the latest recipient of a community radio licence.

Says Ofcom about the licences, which last five years: “Community radio is a new tier of radio which complements the mix of services already provided by the BBC and commercial radio sectors.

“Community radio services typically cover a small geographical area and are provided on a not-for-profit basis focusing on the delivery of specific social benefits to enrich a particular geographical community or a community of interest.”

3TFM was one of four successful applicants, this time around, the others based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Sunderland and Middlesbrough.

Adds Ofcom: “3TFM will serve the local community of Stevenston, Saltcoats and Ardrossan with a community radio service which places particular emphasis on improving the health and general well-being of local residents.

“The group includes members with experience of hospital, community and commercial radio, and 3TFM has run two temporary radio restricted services (RSLs) in the area.

“Over the past three years, it has established a coalition of appropriate local partners (local government and health and education professionals) and established strong links with local community groups and the voluntary sector.

“The group has experience of training volunteers, including those with ill-health or disabilities (and has won a Scottish Adult Learners Award). It has plans for continuing this work with some accredited training also planned.”